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The charity was founded in May 2006 at it's inaugural meeting with the election of the seven committee members and is the UKs 1st registered charity set up to raise funds for, and awareness of, the issues surrounding sled dogs.  We aim to help organisations that have  recognised rescue, re-homing and welfare schemes.


The main sled dog breeds that end up in welfare schemes are Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes and Samoyeds.  There are other sled dog breeds but these are the most common. 


Sled dogs end up in welfare schemes for a number of reasons, mainly because people do not do enough research before buying a puppy.   They are very demanding breeds and require a lot of exercise to keep them stimulated and happy.  They are vocal breeds and can become destructive if left to their own devices.  They dont cope well on their own as they are very much a 'pack' animal.  They like company, yours or another dogs.  Many people buy a sled dog breed for the wrong reasons only to find out they cannot cope when their cute, fluffy puppy grows up. 


The popularity of sled dogs has risen over the last few years, especially in light of recent movies featuring the dogs.  Some people have seen this as an opportunity to breed many puppies for financial gain. Unfortunately the health and conditions some of these puppies are raised in is the last thing the breeder cares about.  These dogs, through no fault of their own are sold with little or no aftercare and often the buyer is not told of the demands and traits of the breed.  A growing number of these pups are not KC registered and cannot compete in the show ring or at working rallies.  As a result of the above, welfare schemes are taking in a larger number of dogs needing a new home and can struggle to cope with the demand, meaning some dogs go without the help and care they desperately need.  Often dogs come into welfare schemes needing veterinary treatment for illness or neglect.  The funds we raise can be used by these recognised welfare schemes to help as many dogs as possible.


The Charity does not deal directly with re-homing of sled dogs, but committee members are willing to offer help and advice to those who seek it.


Please come along and support us at events.  Check out the calendar page for more info on when, and where we will be throughout the year.


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